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Telemetry Systems

We offer Telemetry Systems, to warn of problems as they happen. These work on pump stations, sewage treatment plants, cesspits, high or low water levels on rivers, ponds, water storage tanks and more.

Welcome to UK Sewage Systems Ltd


Water & Waste Water Solutions

UK Sewage Systems Ltd has a wealth of knowledge in the Water and Waste Water industry, offering customers a complete solution for their needs, across the UK.

Septic tanks, Treatment plants or Pumps stations don't have to be complicated, but can be seen to be complicated when they are having problems. We take this complication away so you don't have to worry.

Septic tanks can be great while they work, but what happens when they fail? Who would you call upon for help? What could the problem be? Finding the cause is the first step and we are always available to give free advice.

Soakaways can also fail, so what causes this? How can it be fixed? We can offer advice, repairs, design a new soakaway or, if a drainage field cannot be installed, install a new Packaged Treatment Plant (Sewage Treatment Plant or Biodigester), allowing discharging direct to a nearby ditch or river.

We offer our services to residential and commercial customers, for simple solutions to bespoke solutions. Packaged Treatment Plant costs start from £1,755.00 inc delivery plus vat (not installed). Twin Pump Stations from £2,900.00 plus vat plus delivery.

We can design and build Mini Sewage Treatment Works for small to medium developments, giving your new or existing properties thier own Foul Water network.

Do you own a Sewage Treatment Plant, and are having problems? Is the system failing the consent limits or has the system failed due to damaged or failed parts? We can help, give us a call and we do our best to help repair or bring your treatment plant back within consent limits.

We can offer great packages with the backup and after-care service you need. See our Customer Comments page to see the level of service we provide.  We are more than happy to put you in touch with our past customers if you would like to ask them how their experience with UK Sewage Systems was.

We offer 24hr Emergency Call Outs, for all customers, new or existing…




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Work with us

We are always looking for suitable partners. We provide 24 hour support across the UK so get in touch if your company would like to join our network.